Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Syamira, Aina, John & Fahim

Okay Petromates celebrate everyone's birthday. So we pretty much celebrate birthdays every month. Hahaha. Tapi April babies paling ramai. We have five April babies but since we already celebrated Anis's so she was not included.
Since Adelaide people were also here, we decided to have makan besar and suprised them at Time For Thai, Anzac Parade. We do have TFT around my house, but they said that TFT Anzac Parade lagi sedap, katanyaaaa, so we went there.
ze food

After everyone has done eating, we suprised Syamira & Aina first, we wanted Fahim to think we were not going to celebrate his birthday (John didn't come to makan besar). We sang ,  blew candles, and gave presents, and then we took out another cake for Fahim.
 Aina & Syamira

Later, we went to UNSW park to meet John and suprised him. Sorry no picture of John huhu. We got Aina a coat, Syamira a Gryffindor scarf, Fahim a steam card and John a sweater.

And of course, ended our night with group photos
So tunggu next month pulak for another celebration.

Credits to Sunny & Naa for the pictures.

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