Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ayam Penyet

Last week, I was craving for ayam penyet, so last Saturday, my housemates and I decided to go eat ayam penyet at Shalom, Sussex Street. This is the first all of us went out together actually hehe.
So here's the menu.

So each sambal has its own level of pedasness. So 1 is nothing and 5 is very very spicy. And each sambal is different from each other. So I chose ayam bakar penyet,( level of spicy =2)  and it did not exactly meet my expectation :((( Mine was a bit sour and spicy. I miss ayam penyet Gombak huhu tazabar nak balik. But my friend odered ayam bakar balik and it was good. I'm gonna oder that next time.

After we finished eating, we just walked around, took photos and went home.
In front of QVB, Sydney version of Pavillion

The housemates from left to right : Pika, Atul, Jash, Hany

 me again

Ended our day with dessert, of course.

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