Friday, April 8, 2016


Wow. It's 2016 already. Wow. Tbh, it's pretty scary how fast the time flies.
So, anyway I want to start blogging again. At first, I wanted to delete most of old posts, because they are pretty embarrassing so I reverted most of them to draft but then as I was reading my old posts, I felt nostalgic, so I ended up posting everything again but now the dates are all messed up!.
If whoever is reading this know how to fix this, please tell me!

I feel sad actually reading my old posts. I forgot about most of the things I posted and they are nice memories and they mostly involve the people I love and it saddens me that I forgot them.
Then, reading back my old post makes me realized how much I have grown, which is a lot ( or at least I'd like to believe that haha).
I also regret now blogging about my time in Arau. Banyak memori :((((((((((((((

Anyway, I'll update my blog more often after this :) hehe

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