Friday, May 20, 2016

Dont trust ila

Remember when I said I was going to blog frequently? Hahahhahahahahjaha yeah 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ayam Penyet

Last week, I was craving for ayam penyet, so last Saturday, my housemates and I decided to go eat ayam penyet at Shalom, Sussex Street. This is the first all of us went out together actually hehe.
So here's the menu.

So each sambal has its own level of pedasness. So 1 is nothing and 5 is very very spicy. And each sambal is different from each other. So I chose ayam bakar penyet,( level of spicy =2)  and it did not exactly meet my expectation :((( Mine was a bit sour and spicy. I miss ayam penyet Gombak huhu tazabar nak balik. But my friend odered ayam bakar balik and it was good. I'm gonna oder that next time.

After we finished eating, we just walked around, took photos and went home.
In front of QVB, Sydney version of Pavillion

The housemates from left to right : Pika, Atul, Jash, Hany

 me again

Ended our day with dessert, of course.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Syamira, Aina, John & Fahim

Okay Petromates celebrate everyone's birthday. So we pretty much celebrate birthdays every month. Hahaha. Tapi April babies paling ramai. We have five April babies but since we already celebrated Anis's so she was not included.
Since Adelaide people were also here, we decided to have makan besar and suprised them at Time For Thai, Anzac Parade. We do have TFT around my house, but they said that TFT Anzac Parade lagi sedap, katanyaaaa, so we went there.
ze food

After everyone has done eating, we suprised Syamira & Aina first, we wanted Fahim to think we were not going to celebrate his birthday (John didn't come to makan besar). We sang ,  blew candles, and gave presents, and then we took out another cake for Fahim.
 Aina & Syamira

Later, we went to UNSW park to meet John and suprised him. Sorry no picture of John huhu. We got Aina a coat, Syamira a Gryffindor scarf, Fahim a steam card and John a sweater.

And of course, ended our night with group photos
So tunggu next month pulak for another celebration.

Credits to Sunny & Naa for the pictures.

Monday, April 11, 2016


I am currently in Sydney, Australia, studying in University of Sydney. Tbh, the last two weeks I was in Malaysia was such a blur, I couldn't remember anything. Doesnt matter, I'm already here huhu.

Sooo, during my Easter Break in my first semester in my first year, Petromates and I decided to go GOLD COAST! So we went to Movie World, Sea World and Wet'n'Wild. So for the theme parks, it cost us $84 each person. We bought the tickets during promotion and I'm not sure whether the promo is still going or not. We didn't go to Movie World because it is not in the package so you have to pay extra to go there. 

We stayed at Islanders Backpackers Hotel kot? I'm not sure. So for four days and three nights, it was around $100 each person. Rasanyaaaa. There were some problems in airport and at the hotel but we sorted them out. huhu

So first day. I woke up at 5 because we had to be at the airport at 6. So our plane took off at 8.10am(Sydney time)
and we safely landed at 8.30am(Queensland time). It was a 2 hour flight actually. So it was a bit weird. Like restarting your day again. At the airport, we bought out our GoCard, which is a card that is needed to travel around using publics. So basically you have to top up $10 each day to use, but then you get unlimited access to all the public transports there for a day.

 So we went to our hotel, sorted out our stuff blablabla and went to Sea World around 1pm. We rode all the rides there and went back. We didn't go see the animals because we were gonna do that on our last day here. Oh all theme parks close at 5. Sucks, I know.

I rode this hehe

Compulsary group photo

We went back, and went straight to Surfers Paradise, which is only a 5 min walk from our hotel. We ate gelato, watched street perfomance, went to the night market and took pictures! 

Buy 1 Free 1

Group photo, again

So that's the end of our day 1 in Gold Coast. Hopefully I rajin to update the rest of our trip hihi. Will update soon, InsyaAllah.

Credit to Sunny for the pictures.

Friday, April 8, 2016


Wow. It's 2016 already. Wow. Tbh, it's pretty scary how fast the time flies.
So, anyway I want to start blogging again. At first, I wanted to delete most of old posts, because they are pretty embarrassing so I reverted most of them to draft but then as I was reading my old posts, I felt nostalgic, so I ended up posting everything again but now the dates are all messed up!.
If whoever is reading this know how to fix this, please tell me!

I feel sad actually reading my old posts. I forgot about most of the things I posted and they are nice memories and they mostly involve the people I love and it saddens me that I forgot them.
Then, reading back my old post makes me realized how much I have grown, which is a lot ( or at least I'd like to believe that haha).
I also regret now blogging about my time in Arau. Banyak memori :((((((((((((((

Anyway, I'll update my blog more often after this :) hehe

hari terbuka

dapat no 2.FEWWWIIITTT.hahhaa.okay kan kan kan?
setelah sesi bertemu bual dengan parent & guru yang agak memalukan,ila pon turun la pergi makmal komputer nak buat akaun.
akhirnya,imbang gak imbangan duga.fuuuhhh.nasib shaz tolong.

lapar la

ee yeahh eh eh!

Choco,I miss you dancing,miss you dancing with me.everyday e yeahh eh eh eh.

Kit Kat

Choco,I miss you dancing,miss you dancing with me.everyday e yeahh eh eh eh.

Google Chrome

baru download google chrome.SANGAT BANGGA,heh.jap nak buat muka bangga.


saya suka pergi sekolah.saya tak suka homework & bangun pagi je.


tak seimbang.WHYYYYYYY


pagi tadi ibu kejut pukul 8.30 pagi suruh bangun nakpergi makan kat kedai makcik kelantan.malas nak bangun,tapi nasi kerabu punya psl,bangun cepat pon i rela!hahaha.
masa otw tu,pakcik call dorang masak nasi lemak banyak.bye byee nasi kerabu.lain kali la kite bertemu.
pastu pergi tengok rumah,boleh la tahan.

pastu pergi boling.terus main dapat strik.KENAPA TERER SANGAT NI HA NABILA?hahahaha



hai domo.tadi saya nampak awak kat wwm.awak nampak comel sangat.saya tergoda.saya tengok awak,paling kecik pon rm12.menyampah saya.saya tengok yang besar pula,rm59.awak ni,macam mana kita nak bersama kalau awak mahal mahal sangat ni?

hai,saya malas nak update blog.weee weeeee
OH,esok kena paksa ambilkan hadiah untuk orang yang tak datang.haih.malas betul la.saya tak suka glamourglamour ni.hahaha.
and and sains dapat A.takk sangka sebab payah.alhamdullilah.
Your eyes are blue like the ocean
And baby I'm lost out at sea
Did the sun just come out or did you smile at me
I've been trying to ask you but I can't seem to speak
Was it love at first sight 'cause I walked by last week.

I'm singing Fa la la la la...

Your lips look so lonely
Would they like to meet mine
You are the one that I've been hoping to find
You're so sweet that you
Put Hersheys out of business
Can I have a photograph to show my friends that
Angels truly exist.

I'm singing Fa la la la la...

You're as cute as a button
The things you do sure are something
Are you running out of breath
From running through my head, all night.

Is there something in your eye
Oh wait, it's just a sparkle
Can you get a little closer
And help me out a little bit
I scraped my knee fallin' for you
But baby a kiss will do.

I'm singing Fa la la la la la...

You're as cute as a button
The things you do sure are something
Are you running out of breath
From running through my head, all night.

I'm falling in love
And wouldn't I like to think so
And every night I look at the stars out my window
And I hope I can see
The one that we saw together
It was just you and me and honestly
I'll look for that star forever.

I'm falling in love
And wouldn't I like to think so
And every night I look at the stars out my window
And I hope I can see
The one that we saw together
It was just you and me and honestly
I'll look for that star forever.

You're as cute as a button
The things you do sure are something
Are you running out of breath
From running through my head, all night.

You're as cute as a button
The things you do sure are something
Are you running out of breath
From running through my head, all night.


haishhh.awak lupa ke kita nak wish sama sama?


tak sekolah hari jumaat tu.wohhhhoooooo!
tapi takleh nak so wohooooo! la sebab kene tolong ibu kemas rumah,nanti kan ada openhouse.

banyak yang tak boleh datang sebab lambat bagi tahu.cehh.form5 seorang pon tak ajak.jangan diorang tau sudahh.HAHAHA.

kak sue tak datanggg :( tapi didi ngan fifi datang,konon wakil kak sue la konon.hehh.

so,mula2 szana,ain,jannah & miera datang.

szana balik,jannah,ain,miera tak balik lagi sebab nak jumpa amar.macam la dia artis -.-

tak banyak gambar.lupaaaa.
gambar dengan amar,mizi & yus pon takda.ish.

pastu kan,malam tu kan,sayaaaa kannn,hihihihihihi,malu la nak cerita.WAKAKKAKAKKAKAKKA.menyampah.


happy happy happyyy.AHHAHAHAHHHA


So,pergi sekolah macam biasa.sampai2 sekolah tengok budak form3 je ada.pelik laa.nak kata datang awal,memang tak pernah datang awal g sekolah.ingat nak balik je terus,tapi jumpa mimi ngan ain.pastu pengawas bagitau form4 & form 5 kat belakang.tak nak kacau form 3 konon.elehhh.

1st period,sivik.cikgu tak ajar.yehhh yehh!hafiezah ajak stay petang nanti,baling tepung kat hairi.ahaha.okayy jee.pjah cakap baru teringat hari ni*semalam hari jadi hairi.oleh itu,dengan penuh semangatnya peri cari kertas nak buat kad konon2.tak jumpa kertas,koyak buku komsas.1st page tulis,selamat hari jadi hairi,2nd page,tulis 'selamat maju jaya'.3rd page tulis 'daripada,nabila comel'AHHAHAHA.4th page tulis 'mimpi2.'HAHAHHAHAHA.

cikgu ros ganti kitorg kena belajar math la. -.-'


masuk lambat macam biasa.
add math,cikgu tak ajar.bagi kertas2,for revision.

math,again.dah malas dah nak belajar.otak dah tak mahu terimna.NEHIII HEHHHIII ,kata otak.

cikgu Ros ganti bm sekali.naissss.

lukis domokun kat jannah & shu.
warna2 sekali.hihi.cikgu tak marah pun.bagussss.

pastu shu colour & lukis domokun kat tangan ila plak.


lepas tu shu tak habis2 tunjuk tangan dia kat semua orang,pastu cakap BAAA! naik pening layan.HAHAHA.

so konon2 rajin la nak buat exercise yang cikgu suruh tu,baru je nak rajin buat,bunyi loceng.nak balik,yehh yehhh!

try call ibu,tak dapat.pergi sekolah rendah,hantar beg kat ibu.lari balik pergi taman depan sekolah,tengok diorang dah stat.CIS!ambil tepung balik kat hairi terus.hahahha.KESIANNN.then,tengok tangan sumi banyak gila tepung.ila pegang tangan sumi,nak letak kat muka dia.last2 muka ila yang kena -.- pastu yang lain2 pon sebok nak kenekan orang.ishh.

pastu balikkk,jalan kaki,ingat nak makan ice cream,tak jual plakkk.ish

lepas maghrib tadi,pergi kinrara.ada open house bahagian material,askar ni.

muka danial macam muka amar plak sikit2.hahahahah

esok tak sekolah.yehh yehhh!sukaaaa ;D
esok rumah ila ada makan2,jemput lah datang.

p/s:not in the mood actually.

UPDATE : shitty post, but love the memories


UPDATE : 08/04/2015
                  So apparently i posted a blank post. What was I worried about???!!11!!1

happy birthday Nur Amiera binti Che Lah.

new post.yehhh yehh.rajin.yehh yehh *sambil joget shuffle.HAHAHAHHA

tadi pergi klcc,konon konon nak celebrate la.haha.
mula mula tak nak pergi.then dalam pukul 11.30 tgh hari tu msg miera diorang dah gerak belum.dia cakap saya dengan gatalnya tanya boleh tak tunggu,nak ikutt.dorang pon dengan eksaitednye berkata"yee,yee,cepat sikit"
mandi dengan secepat kilat.tapi kene tunggu ibu blabla.dalam 12.15 baru keluar rumah.
berapa ratus kali diorang call & msg.cakap otw je padahal tak klua rumah lagi.HASHAHAHA.

sampai2 terus makan.dapat gak yeemeee.wa memang dah lama mengidam ni.miera cakap "takde sapa ke nak belanja aku makan" semua orang buat2 tak dengar.HHAHAHAH.kesian

selekeh itu perluuu.

tengok wayang.cerita The Hole.siapa tah punya idea.aku dah kata dah tengok Charlie St Cloud.semua tak nak dengar.HAMBIKK KAUUUU cerita mengarut.macam cerita Alice In Wonderland pon ada. -.-

nak tengok saya makan ice cream?hahaha.fiezah gatal ambil gamaba time orang tengah makan ice cream.nak menikmati pon susah.HAHHAHA *padahal dia yang suruh ambil gambar.haha

photos lagi lagi,

ambil gambar dengan sesame street.HAHHAHA

"ohhh ohh,aku nak ambil gambar dengan tu"
"weh takyah la weh"*tarik tangan
"ambil la gambar aku ngan tu,fiezah tolong ambikkan"
"takyahh laa"
"ila,kita pergi yee,ila dah besa kan?kita pergi yeee"
"alaaa,ambil gamba aku ngan tu"*bagi hp kat fiezahhh
yehh yehhh.HHAAHHA

*telah diedit sikit2 sebab tak igt,kandungannya yang sebenar

*heroin majalah mangga

hai nama saya ols boleh panggil saya zulaikha.siapa nak berkenalan dengan saya?auwww.hAHHAHAHAHHAS

webcam kat kedai jual tv,hp,lappy semua2 tu.hahaha.sukasuka hati je ambil gamba guna lappy tu punya webcam.

okayyy!esok sekolaaaa.whattheeeeeeheckkkkk.

UPDATE : wtf 2010 ila. what were you thinking