Tuesday, December 25, 2012


I should sleep.but I cant.
It's not insomnia or whatever.
It's called having wifi at home.kena la guna sebaik2nya ya dak?

I want to have a boyfriend like Lucas Piazon.
I am serious.Kenapa dia hot sangat?!!!
He is perfection.hahahahahahaha.okay.im being serious actually.
Is there any Malay version of him?asdfghhkk
If anyone seems to know or has seen one,please tell me,nanti I boleh kenyit2 mata dengan dia.okay?cun.
Though tadi amar kata dia dah ada gf,but then I did a massive research about it,okay i lied i just typed in 'lucas piazon girlfriend' on google then everything pretty much came out,so i found out dorg dah break up okay.fuhhh *lapdahi
He probably breaks up with her so he can date me.harharhar.

Totally unrelated,tp I nak gcs winter melon tea :( hmm hmmm.

Okay night.love you piazon hahahahahahahhahahaha k.bye

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